Barcelona against war.

At first, I was going to Barcelona for a long week-end, to enjoy the warm sun and the blue sky, visit the city and eat some of this delicious spanish food. Yet, I found a city surprisingly eager to show its refusal of the war in Iraq.

I can think of several reasons to this, on which I may or may not elaborate later. Take a look at the 16 pictures I have taken (Please click on the thumbnails for the full version: 640*480, about 40-60 Kbytes each). Should you wish to share your thoughts, you can write to me.

White sheets hanging on balconies represent the owner's protest against / disagreement with the "law" (the order, the administration...).
I've been told that during corridas, spectators who disagree with the "judge's" decision usually wave white handkerchiefs.

This is the "City Hall" of Barcelona. The Mayor must probably share his fellow barcelonians' point of view.

I don't speak the language, but "No a la guerra" is clear enough: "No to war".

Several times I have noted traffic signs that have been transformed.
Here is a "no parking" sign on which a bomb shape in paper has been glued.
Also, I have seen a "no driving" sign (white disk with a red border) that has been turned into a "peace" sign (by drawing red lines inside the white disk)

The museum of Modern Art.
I think the wire sculpture is unrelated, but on the white sheet you can read "Not in our name".

These advertisements are numerous in the subway (Metro).

Some building near the Zoo of Barcelona.

The white sheets are literally everywhere.

As well as are everywhere these No a la guerra signs. Telephone poles, walls, bus stops, you name it.

At the gates to the Zoo, the sign reads Flowers for peace.
Here's also the already familiar "No a la guerra" sign.

This kindergarten's windows show pictures of the dove of peace.

This one's rather self-explaining, isn't it.

Let's not be too repetitive. Si a la Pau, Yes to Peace, claims this church.

More white sheets hanging from windows...

The sign at the background read No to war - University against war.
At the foreground, again this advertisement we saw in the subway.

And...yes. Even a dental clinic!

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